90 Days... and counting!

May 10, 2010

On February 2, I started making recipes by EatingWell with the intention to do so for 90 days. Today is day 91 and I'm still eating well. I guess it is a lifestyle change after all!

I've learned so much in these past 90 days and I'm going to share that via this blog as much as I can. My weight loss journey isn't over yet; I've about 15 pounds to go. At this point it is less about pounds and more about shape. Back in 2003 I was thin and satisfied with my size. I just can't see being that same weight again because I'm more fit than I was back then. (To be the same weight again would be 22 pounds more to go.)

I'm not entirely sure what to do now that the 90 days is done. There's plenty of leftovers from yesterday, so I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing for a couple days. Soon I'll start cooking on my own, using what I've learned.

I'm so happy to have this blog to more easily share my cooking and eating adventures. Up until now, I've been putting pictures up on facebook. Doing it that way, I couldn't say much. If you know me, you know I like to talk! Enough talking for now though; I've got 87 pictures and captions to get added to this site...

If you're reading this, those 87 pictures are all up now, copied from my facebook album with their captions. I hope you enjoy seeing what I've done and what I will be doing!


P.S. The picture of me that's with the summary of this blog post is from 2003 when I looked my best. I'll be taking a new picture soon so you can see what I look like now.


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