Can soup help heal the sick? I may never know...

December 28, 2010

Last night I made soup for my boys as a somewhat desperate and selfish attempt to make them feel better. My husband Dan has been sick for a week now, congested more than he's ever been in his life (to his recollection at least which isn't saying a whole lot). My son Gaetano has had a sore throat and a fever on and off the last couple of days. With two sick boys in the house I've been feeling like I'm coming down with something too.

Typically, I'm the one to get sick first. If I'm not first, I always catch what everyone else has got. This time, I'm determined not to get sick. I've got to get these boys better! Like I told Gaetano, "If I'm sick, who will take care of you?" So while I admit that I have desperate and selfish reasons, I also love these guys with all my heart so I'll do whatever I can to help 'em feel better.

Not wanting to risk getting sick myself by getting out in the cold weather, I decided to try and find ingredients in my pantry to make soup. Luckily I keep chicken broth on hand, so I had the most important ingredient. The question was, "What should I put in the broth?"

After a bit of digging I found I had rice, beans, and canned pumpkin. I was iffy about the pumpkin but I figured I might as well roll with it and see what happens. Worst case, I'd just start over since I have plenty of ingredients to try again.

In the end, the soup turned out okay but I wasn't truly satisfied with the outcome. Something was missing. Dan couldn't really taste anything since he was all clogged up. So I turned to Gaetano for his take on the soup. After a bit of thought we decided it needed more garlic, more Lawry's salt and some tomato. So tonight I remade the soup and adjusted my Super Easy Pumpkin Soup recipe accordingly.

I'm pleased to report that since last night's soup, both my boys are feeling better than they were and I am too. I'm hopeful that tonight's bowl of soup helps too. I guess I won't really know for sure if the soup helped or if they just got better from the homeopathic medicines I've been dosing us all with the last couple days. Still, I like to think that my cooking somehow makes 'em feel better...

Super Easy Pumpkin Soup