Chai + Eggnog + Brandy = Chainog Toddy

December 30, 2010

I have my wonderful husband Dan to thank for introducing me to Chai tea. He's not a fan of coffee (one of his very few flaws) so anytime we go to Starbucks, he orders a Chai Tea Latte extra hot, no water.  He's got me drinking it the same way; we like our Chai nice and strong!

Chainog Toddy Ingredients (Brandy not shown)

The ingredients are simple. Chai tea, eggnog and brandy (which is entirely optional but if you leave it out you have to call Chainog, not Chainog Toddy).

Closeup of Chainog Toddy

The drink is about as thick as the eggnog since the chai is a concentrate. (See the Chainog Toddy recipe for a lighter and less thick version.)

While writing this blog post I decided to search and see what other Chainog recipes are out there. I should have known I wasn't the first to think of this concoction! Still, I was a bit disappointed to see so many others have thought of it. Oh well; great minds think alike! Yeah, that's it...