Coconut Lime Chicken Nuggets

May 20, 2010

Coconut Lime Chicken Marinade Ingredients

Inspired by the Coconut Lime Rice that I made yesterday, tonight I decided to use similar ingredients and make a Coconut Lime Chicken Nuggets recipe. The ingredients pictured above were used to marinate the chicken and include lime juice, shallots, coconut milk, Malibu rum and kosher salt.

Coconut Lime Chicken pictured with Coconut Lime Rice

First I marinated the chicken using my Coconut Lime Marinade recipe. Next I coated it with coconut milk and then dredged the chicken in whole-wheat breadcrumbs. The outcome was a winner with my boys.

I tried cooking them in the pan at first, but that didn't work out. The crumbs were falling off and the chicken wasn't getting cooked fast enough. Luckily I had only tried a few pieces and was able to save the rest by baking them in the oven.

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