Because sometimes I crave corn dogs...

September 19, 2012

Often times, what I make for dinner is determined by what's getting close to its expiration date. Such was the case with the package of hotdogs in my fridge that I just didn't want to eat. Besides, we didn't have any hotdog buns anyway...

I knew I had to come up with a way to make hotdogs without buns. I've made scrambled eggs with hotdog bits, but I didn't want that this time. I know some people put hotdog chunks into chilli but the thought of that disgusts me. So what to do? The first thought I had was, "Corndogs!"

I love corndogs. Who doesn't? I mean, they're on a stick! Everything is better on a stick, right? So I started walking through the process of making corndogs in my mind. I'd need some sort of stick for the hotdogs (the thick short skewers I use for kabobs should work), batter (easy enough), and oil. Oil.

Ugh, oil... Frying food is not healthy. We all know it. That aside, frying food means having to dispose of the oil. I'd need a jar. The jar would not be recycled. Hmm... I really don't want to deal with the oil. Now what?

"I'll buy a corndog maker thingy! Kinda like the Breville I have for making pies," I thought.  A quick google search found they carry 'em at Wal-mart for $24. I don't want to shop at Wal-mart! I can't wait for it to ship or the hotdogs will expire. Plus, I really don't have anywhere to store a corndog machine. Then I thought about how I don't want to spend $24 for something I hardly use, like I did for the Breville pie maker. "Pie! Mmmmm, pie... I'll make Corndog Pie!"

So that's just what I did; I made Corndog Pie using my Breville Pie Maker. (There are cheaper pie makers out there, but I got mine before those were an option. Feel free to spend less money; I sure would!)

No oil, no extra gadget to have to store, and justification for the purchase of an underused gadget I already own. I'm liking the sound of it more and more.

They taste just as you'd expect, like corndogs only better because they're not fried and they're PIES! I'm beginning to think that if something is better on a stick, it's even better if it's pie! I'll have to test my theory though. If you decide to test my "it's even better if it's pie" theory, let me know your findings.

I combined a batch of corn dog muffin mix, a batch of pancake mix, and a couple tablespoons of sugar to make the batter. It was soooo easy! (I didn't write up a recipe, but may do so if enough people nag me nudge me bug me about it ask politely.