Dinner on the go at WholeFoods

June 12, 2010

There's only been a few occasions where we grabbed a meal from the buffet at WholeFoods. After tonight's meal, I have the feeling that might change. I'm sure when we go to do our shopping we'll be eyeballing our dining options and likely give in to eating there again and again.

We were out and about running errands for the wedding and realized we should eat. We needed to pick up a few things at WholeFoods so I suggested that we just eat there. This was the first time we had a meal at this particular location, the smaller of the two local WholeFoods. I was pleased with the selection and opted to make myself a salad.

The way the salad bar and buffet works is you get a box, fill it, then they charge you $7.99 a pound. Dan paid for dinner so I didn't notice the cost of my salad but our total was $14.25 which includes Dan's slice of pizza (not shown) and a slice of turtle cheesecake (not shown either).

Salad Bar creation at WholeFoods

They had 3 types of salad available and rather than decide, I chose a little bit of each and mixed it up. I added a bunch of sliced organic strawberries, a few tomatoes, some feta cheese, and balsamic vinegar. It was delicious and filling.

Dan shared some of his cheesecake with me which I should have photographed. It was absolutely yummy. I behaved and only had a few bites. I've got a wedding dress to squeeze into y'know!