Eggnog Cream of Wheat

January 5, 2011

I've still got quite a big of eggnog left in my fridge and so I've been coming up with ways to use it other than drinking it. So far I've come up with a recipe for Eggnog French Toast and a drink recipe called Chainog Toddy. This breakfast is too easy to call a recipe, that I just can't bring myself to post it to the recipe section.

I took two pouches of Instant Cream of Wheat which normal requires 2/3 cup of water each. Since I was making 2 packages,  I needed 1 1/3 cups of fluid to make this (because 2/3 + 2/3 = 4/3 which is 1 1/3). I poured 1/2 cup of Eggnog and then added water until I reached the 1 1/3 cups line. I added the Cream of Wheat to the eggnog/water mixture and then microwaved it according to the package directions. I then poured it in a dish and sprinkled a little cinnamon on top.

The result was...

Eggnog Cream of Wheat

Yummy and just 350 calories! It had the sweetness you get from the flavored Cream of Wheats like Maple Brown Sugar and the cinnamon you get from the Cinnamon Swirl flavor. Give it a try and let me know how you like it! Hurry though; eggnog won't be around much longer and it would be too much trouble to make the eggnog (safely) from scratch for just a 1/2 cup worth.

You might be wondering why I pour it into a dish and not a bowl. Two reasons. First, that's how my mom always gave it to me as a kid. Second, for the same reason as mom did it; the cream of wheat cools quicker and it is fun to eat it this way. Ok, maybe that's three reasons. So what!

UPDATE: I had it again today (1/6/2011). Maybe it is worthy of a recipe in the Recipes section? Let me know...

Eggnog Cream of Wheat - Day 2


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