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February 28, 2011

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1. Soleil - The Best Turtle Cheesecake of My Life!

For dessert we split the Turtle Cheesecake. This was the absolutely best Turtle Cheesecake I have had in my life (and I've had quite a few). There's a layer of fudginess at the bottom and the caramel on top was fabulous. Every time I visit, I'm saving room for some or I'm taking a slice home!

Tags: Restaurants, fine dining, dessert, pasta
By ~Angela
2. It's our 6 Month Anniversary!

Six months ago today, I married my sweet, loving, adorable husband. Shortly after we took this photo, Dan left the table to use the restroom so I took the chance to tweet, "Happy 6 month Anniversary my sweet @danshort. Good thing we figured out what others saw; we make a cute couple!" (I also gave a link to the photo but since it is here, I'm not gonna.)

Tags: Restaurants, fine dining
By ~Angela

Displaying: 1 - 2 of 2