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February 28, 2011

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1. My First Papa Murphy's Pizza

When I first started dating Dan he told me about a place in Portland he used to go to for pizza called Papa Murphy's. I'd never heard the term take-n-bake before and didn't know of any California pizzerias like it. We didn't have Papa Murphy's anywhere near where we lived in California and when one opened up near us about a year or two ago, we still had Nino's Pizza in our hearts. Once Nino's closed, we started saying that "we should go to Papa Murphy's" but we never did until now.

Tags: restaurants, pizza
By ~Angela
2. Our Typical Spicy Pickle Meal

Whether it is lunch or dinner, we're pretty much creatures of habit when we go to Spicy Pickle...

Tags: restaurants, sandwiches, pizza, salad
By ~Angela

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