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February 28, 2011

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1. Soleil - The Best Turtle Cheesecake of My Life!

For dessert we split the Turtle Cheesecake. This was the absolutely best Turtle Cheesecake I have had in my life (and I've had quite a few). There's a layer of fudginess at the bottom and the caramel on top was fabulous. Every time I visit, I'm saving room for some or I'm taking a slice home!

Tags: Restaurants, fine dining, dessert, pasta
By ~Angela
2. It's our 6 Month Anniversary!

Six months ago today, I married my sweet, loving, adorable husband. Shortly after we took this photo, Dan left the table to use the restroom so I took the chance to tweet, "Happy 6 month Anniversary my sweet @danshort. Good thing we figured out what others saw; we make a cute couple!" (I also gave a link to the photo but since it is here, I'm not gonna.)

Tags: Restaurants, fine dining
By ~Angela
3. A French Night at Melting Pot

On the 12th day of Christmas I stuffed myself w/ cheese... 4 fondue forks, 3 course meal... & a creme brulee mar-ti-ni! I'm sure if I tried hard enough I could fill in the days and come up with a full Melting Pot version of the holiday tune. I'm far too sober to attempt that though.

Tags: restaurants, fondue, dessert, cheese
By ~Angela
4. Our First Day of 2011

One might think that I'd start my new year with a resolution about eating healthier or losing weight, but that is so not gonna happen... Quite the contrary; today was filled with many of our favorite things. As Dan often says, "Everything in moderation, including moderation."


Tags: recipes, drinks, beverages, restaurants
By ~Angela
5. Dinner at "how do you roll?"

I really like to make sushi my way and "how do you roll" makes that so easy. If you haven't read my other posts about HDYR (formerly known as Maki) then I'm not making much sense. They're sort of like Subway or Chipotle, just sushi.

Tags: restaurants, sushi, seafood, fruit
6. My first time at Freebirds

If you've ever eaten at Freebirds you're probably thinking, "She's never had Freebirds???" Yeah, I know. I know; it's about time.

Tags: restaurants, Mexican
By ~Angela
7. Nagoya Steak and Sushi

Nagoya Steak and Sushi is a fairly new restaurant in North Austin that I've passed many times. Lately we've been on a mission to try new restaurants, avoiding old favorites as much as we can. With a name like theirs, you know I didn't go for the steak.

Tags: restaurants, sushi, seafood, meat
By ~Angela
8. My First Papa Murphy's Pizza

When I first started dating Dan he told me about a place in Portland he used to go to for pizza called Papa Murphy's. I'd never heard the term take-n-bake before and didn't know of any California pizzerias like it. We didn't have Papa Murphy's anywhere near where we lived in California and when one opened up near us about a year or two ago, we still had Nino's Pizza in our hearts. Once Nino's closed, we started saying that "we should go to Papa Murphy's" but we never did until now.

Tags: restaurants, pizza
By ~Angela
9. Our Typical Spicy Pickle Meal

Whether it is lunch or dinner, we're pretty much creatures of habit when we go to Spicy Pickle...

Tags: restaurants, sandwiches, pizza, salad
By ~Angela
10. Carlos & Charlies!

If you live in Austin you've probably heard the radio commercials for Carlos & Charlies out on Lake Travis. Every time it comes on, I shout in my best accent along with the commercial, Carlos & Charlies!!! I can't help it. It's almost a reflex. Darn them (the commercial creators) for doing that to me! Will they live up to the commercial?

Tags: restaurants, Mexican
By ~Angela

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