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February 28, 2011

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1. Our Wedding Day

We shared our favorite sweets and beverages with our closest family and friends at on our wedding day. Dinner was delicious too, but it was just the best choice our caterer offered and not something special to us. The facility that hosted our wedding allowed us to bring in Dan's favorite beer, our favorite wine, my favorite tea, our favorite cake, and mom's incomparable baklava and kourabiedes.

Tags: special occasions, chicken, salad, dessert
By ~Angela
2. The Rehearsal Dinner

After an hour and a half of rehearsing for the wedding, we came back to our house for dinner. We figured it'd be a hole lot more inexpensive, relaxed, and enjoyable to do it at home rather than at a busy restaurant.

Tags: special occasions, salad, lasagna
By ~Angela

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