I looked good but...

June 15, 2010

Today I met with Sydney, the wardrobe consultant, that I mentioned in my blog post yesterday. Oh wow; that was sooooo much fun!

I got rid of a bunch of clothes that were unflattering. She showed me why each piece didn't work and what to look for so that I can get similar replacements that were better suited to my pear shape. Sydney took the unflattering items to a consignment shop for me.

I also got rid of a ton of clothes that were way too big on me. I tried on some clothes I had not tried on in several years and they either fit or were too big! I was thrilled to see that I no longer have a "skinny clothes" section in my closet. In fact, I have an entire section from when I was overweight that I need to clear out of my closet completely.

There's only a few pieces that were a bit tough to part with for sentimental reasons, but I sucked it up and they're goners now.

I have a rather large pile of clothes to take to get altered. I was pleased that I had plenty of pieces that would look good if they fit right. Hopefully it won't cost a fortune in alterations.

Oh yeah, the "I looked good but..." headline refers to me in this dress:

Me on my 35th birthday wearing a strapless dress

I looked good but, the dress is a bit big on me. Sydney showed me where it should be taken in and how much more flattering it would be. So my strapless dress here is in the pile of clothes to have altered.

(Now gimme a drum roll if you've got those kind of skills.) To date, I've lost...

46 pounds!  Even though I weigh more now than I did back in 2003, I have a very similar shape. I think no more than 9 pounds total loss is left. I'm more tone than I was then, and even though 9 more pounds will leave me about 7 pounds heavier than when I lost my weight before, I am more tone now and that's where the pounds come from. I'm thrilled with my progress and hope that by the wedding I'll have lost 4 more pounds and only have 5 to go from there.

I'll be sure to post again after my shopping excursion with Sydney. I may even take some before/after kind of shots if I can get up the nerve.