It's our 6 Month Anniversary!

January 10, 2011

Dan & Angela

Six months ago today, I married my sweet, loving, adorable husband. Shortly after we took this photo, Dan left the table to use the restroom so I took the chance to tweet, "Happy 6 month Anniversary my sweet @danshort. Good thing we figured out what others saw; we make a cute couple!" (I also gave a link to the photo but since it is here, I'm not gonna.)

Hudson's on the Bend exterior at night

Where did we spend our anniversary? At an absolutely amazing restaurant called Hudson's on the Bend. Outside at night it looks nice and romantic but unfortunately it was freezing cold out so we didn't get to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere.

Inside, it is adorable. I believe it used to be a house.

View from our table

The room we dined in was set down lower than the adjacent rooms - both cozy and romantic, mostly lit by candles.

View from our table too

It had a wood burning (not gas) fireplace and a whole bunch of crows. One is pretending to be an opossum. The fire and the lights in the tree supplied the rest of the room's ambience.

The really important thing to know about Hudson's is that their menu changes often. While I like to try new things, it is always a disappointment when I find something I like and can't ever order it again. So I asked our server which items on the menu were ones that don't ever go away, if any. Much to my delight, the very things that interested both Dan and me were we "signature dishes", so we shouldn't have that trouble.

Pumpkin Seed Bread

After we placed our order, our server brought us some delicious bread that was topped with pumpkin seeds and served with chipotle butter and herbed butter.

Wild Boar Puff Pastry with Cojita Cheese

Moments later we were each given a tiny puff pastry topped with wild boar and cojita cheese in an apricot chipotle sauce. I could eat a dozen of these! (They're only about the size of a small meatball.)

Duck Diablo

Next came our appetizer, the Smoked Duck Diablos. The menu describes it as, "Duck Breast, Jicama Jalapeno, Figs in balsamic all wrapped in Apple Wood Bacon with a Red chili Glaze Dipping Sauce."

Duck Diablo Closeup

These pictures don't do it justice; even the closeup doesn't help.... but I'm showing you anyhow! Our server recommended that we take a sliver of apple and dip it in the sauce. Great suggestion! The como of tart and sweet and smokey was scrumptious.

Lobster Bisque

I chose the Three Course Tasting for my dinner, which offers a choice of a specific soup or salad. Since Dan was going to order salad, I chose the Chipotle Lobster Bisque (which was supposed to be topped with a puff pastry but it didn't come with one for some reason), was I believe a butternut base. I loved every bite of it. Next time though, I ought to take video. The plate was set in front of me with a small piece of lobster in it and then a pitcher of the bisque was poured over it.

Candied Pecan and Goat Cheese salad

Dan ordered a salad whose name neither of us recall. The website just has a description; no name: Candied pecan crusted goat cheese atop local mixed baby greens tossed in a blackberry balsamic vinaigrette.

Mixed Grill

Dan ordered Hudson's Mixed Grill, which is described on the menu as: Off the Hardwood Grill-Axis Venison & Rabbit Tenders, Pecan Smoked Bandera Quail in a Lime Cilantro Ginger Glaze, with Chuy's Spicy game Sausage, and Achiote marinated Buffalo all served with a trio of Hudson's Signature Sauces. This is the full portion, though they do offer a half portion. Dan took half home so he could be "the envy of the office for lunch tomorrow". (He meant to get the 1/2 order, but about 10 minutes after ordering when he realized it, he didn't want to say anything since it would be a good lunch tomorrow.)

Three Course Tasting

My entree is a combination of two signature dishes, the Espresso-Chocolate-Chili rubbed Smoked Elk Back Strap & Hot and Crunch Ruby Trout atop mango jalapeno aioli. This was my first experience with Elk and let me tell you it was better than beef! The meat was so tender it practically melted in my mouth!

Warm Berries and Ice Cream

With my Three Course Tasting, I had a choice of two desserts. Chambord Chocolate Mouse with Legs of Fudge or  Warm Berry Flambé atop Homemade vanilla bean ice cream. We went with Warm Berries over Homemade ice cream which we shared. (If it was Flambé, the flame died before it got to the table. That's okay, I've seen plenty of burning dessert in my day.)

I can certainly see why Hudson's on the Bend has a 5 star rating - highly deserved indeed. Dan was so cute; he was amused by how he'd drink some water then the staff would within moments fill his glass up. When he got up and left his napkin on his chair, our server came by and folded the napkin for him and placed it on the table again. It's those little things that make it a true fine dining experience and not your average expensive restaurant.

It was a perfect way to spend the evening together. We enjoyed new foods and flavors we'd never tried before (though neither of us were brave enough to try the Diamond-Back Rattlesnake). We each tasted the other's courses and wine so there was quite a bit to enjoy between us.

We're already looking forward to going back to experience their other dessert choices. I'm sure we'll be back, though not soon enough!

Latest Full Body Photo...

It's been awhile since I posted a full body picture on the blog so I asked Dan to take this picture with my iPhone. (All of the pictures in this post were taken with my iPhone.)

Me in front of the fireplace at Hudson's on the Bend

The majority of the room's lighting is candelight so I had to play with this picture in iPhoto to lighten it up a lot. Once I did that, I noticed a few things right away. First, my engagement ring is turned on my finger and looks like there's a white spot between my ring and middle fingers. That's not a white spot, that's the diamond! Second, my sweater dress above the belt line looks like a belly roll. I assure you that it isn't! Third, it looks like there's a weird dot under one of my eyes. I don't feel like "Photoshopping" it right now, so there it stays. Sorry for the poor quality!