My Eating Well 1 Year Anniversary

February 8, 2011

On the 7th of February, 2010 I declared, "I'm not on a diet; I'm Eating Well!" The very next day, I began my journey. That was exactly one year ago.

I thought about trying to eat the same meals for 90 days as I did last year, but that'd be absolutely crazy. Instead I'm going to do something that's just as crazy but doesn't take 90 days worth of effort. I'm going to share with you photos I've never shared online.

This is me at my heaviest on my son's 9th birthday.

This is me at my heaviest, at my son's 9th birthday party. I've uploaded a bunch more pictures in a gallery I'm calling "Chubby Me".

Now that we've seen enough of the old chubby me, let's take a look at my husband's favorite "after" photo:

This is me on July 13, 2010. Total weight loss, 51 pounds!

More "after" photos can be seen in my "Honeymoon" gallery.

Truth be told, I've gained ~8 pounds back since the wedding. I've been eating a little too well and not exercising like I should. I intend to fix that and I'm hoping by next year I'll be able to post new "after" photos where I look even better than ever before.

It's been quite a journey that's far from over. Along the way I've been flattered to hear that I've inspired others to lose weight too. Little did they know that they've inspired me too; thanks to everyone for helping keep me motivated!

So what was for dinner tonight? Shrimp cocktail! After all, I'm celebrating...