Nagoya Steak and Sushi

August 11, 2010

Nagoya Steak and Sushi is a fairly new restaurant in North Austin that I've passed many times. Lately we've been on a mission to try new restaurants, avoiding old favorites as much as we can. With a name like theirs, you know I didn't go for the steak.

One of my favorite things about going out for sushi is being able to have a variety. Typically, we get 3 rolls and share them between the three of us. Tonight was no exception...

Nagoya - Fillet Mignon Roll

Filet Mignon sounded really good though... Ooo, a Filet Mignon Roll! Wow, was that different. The Filet Mignon on top was sort of a ground mixture (but not like ground beef texture) that was filled with wonderful flavor. Definitely a winner. Fillet Mignon Roll: Snow Crab Roll Topped with Torched Filet Mignon served with Spicy Mayo & Sweet Soy Glaze

Nagoya - Tuna & Tuna

The not-so-creatively named Tuna & Tuna roll seemed a good one to try because it is similar to rolls we get elsewhere. Getting the same thing at different places is a good way to compare restaurants. The sauce was what set this roll apart; honey wassabi = yum. Tuna & Tuna Roll: Spicy Tuna, Cucumber, Avocado, Crunchy inside, Topped w. Pepper Tuna, Honey Wasabi & Ponzu Sauce

Nagoya - Out of Control

I'm not sure this roll lived up to its dramatic name, but it was most certainly delicious and worthy of being a Signature Roll (as opposed to just the average roll you can get anywhere). Out of Control: Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail, Avocado, Asparagus, Scallion inside, Topped with Tuna, salmon, Yellowtail & Mayo Touched, Sweet Soy Glaze, Yuzu miso & Spicy Mayo sauces

I'm sure we'll visit Nagoya again (and again and again) once we're off our try new places kick. I'm looking forward to it already!


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