Pac-Man Waffles

July 25, 2010

Dan and I had full size waffles but knowing that my son can't eat a full waffle and that there wasn't enough batter to make a full one, we decided to make it fun. What do you do when you don't have enough batter to make a full waffle? Make Pac-Man waffles!

Pac-Man (waffle) eating a ghost (blueberry compote)

With the blueberry compote I made a ghost for Pac-Man to eat.

Pac-Man (waffle) eating a pac-dot (whip cream)

Gaetano asked for whipped cream, so I covered the ghost and made a whip cream pac-dot. (I didn't know they were called pac-dots until I looked it up. I always thought they were pellets and power pellets. Who knew making waffles would result in learning something new?!)


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