Quick-N-Easy Spicy Black Bean Soup

February 9, 2011

If you asked me my mother, she'd tell you, "Angela doesn't like soup." There are a few I have always liked: mom's Greek chicken lemon soup, clam chowder, potato cheese and sometimes pumpkin/squash soup. (I say "sometimes" because I'm really picky.) Only recently have I begun to try and eat more soup.

I've found that soups can be very filling and often low in calories. (Be careful of sodium; most have a lot of salt in them.) I still don't think of myself as a fan of soup, but lately I've really enjoyed a few new ones that I've tried. (Sorry I haven't blogged about those, but I will the next time I have them... and there will be a next time. Yum!)

Pacific Natural's Spciy Black Bean Soup, Mild Pace Picante Sauce, Horizon's Sour Cream, Central Market Organics Red Quinoa & Flaxseed Tortilla Chips and Cheddar Cheese

Tonight's dinner was made with Pacific Natural's Spicy Black Bean Soup, Central Market Organic's Red Quinoa & Flaxseed Tortiall Chips, Mild Pace Picante Sauce, Horizon's Sour Cream, and some sharp cheddar cheese. Meals don't get much simpler than this! All I had to do was warm up the soup.

Spicy Black Bean soup with salsa, sour cream, cheddar cheese and chips

The soup was smooth; no whole beans at all. The lack of whole beans came as a surprise to my boys but it was not a complaint. We all loved it! The trick is to not go crazy with the chips, salsa, sour cream and cheese.

Speaking of the chips... This was the first time we tried this variety and they were great! They're very crunchy and a bit thick. If you leave these chips in the soup, they soften and have a texture similar to a soft corn tortilla. If you prefer chunky soups, breaking the chips up and letting them soak a bit would give you something to chew on.

Over the next few months I'm hoping to try more new and delicious soups so that I can break my mindset and consider myself a fan.

TIP: If you can't be trusted with all the extras that go into your meal, serve the right portions and then put those items back in the fridge. You'll be less likely to add more if it isn't right in front of you.


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