Sandella's Cafe - Aloha Grilled Flatbread & Caesar Salad

May 23, 2010

Tonight we were out and about and if we didn't eat out we wouldn't eat until late. What to do? There's so many restaurants to choose from, but many of them don't have healthy options. Tonight we went to Sandella's Cafe in Round Rock.

Sandella's Cafe - Aloha Grilled Flatbread (no basil)

My favorite thing on Sandella's menu is the Aloha Grilled Flatbread (no basil). The entire pizza (let's face it, this is pizza) is only 568 calories. I split it with Dan, so I get half the calories.

The first time I had the Aloha pizza (as I like to call it), I was giddy. My favorite deep dish pizza for years has been BJ's "Sweet Pig" which is ham and pineapple. This was so close to that flavor with far fewer calories I'm sure.

Sandella's Cafe - Caesare Salad

We usually get the Caesar salad, which also comes with two pieces of flatbread. The salad is HUGE – we can't finish the salad; there's always at least a third left over. Dan eats all the croutons, which is okay with me. We save the flatbread for the next day's lunch. The dressing comes on the side and we use about half of it between us, if that much.

Between the Aloha and the salad, there's more than enough food to fill us up. We always leave full and still stay at about 500 calories.

I checked on Sandella's website and found they have most of their nutrition facts posted. (They're missing the Caesar Salad.) I like how they provide averages for their entire menu – 504 calories on average. Not bad!

Do you have a favorite place to eat that's like Sandella's Cafe? Please share in the comments.


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