Soleil - The Best Turtle Cheesecake of My Life!

February 21, 2011

After a week with Strep throat and eating nothing but soup and other liquids, I was ready to get out of the house and have some good chewable food. Dan & I both took the President's Day holiday off and set out to try a new sushi place nearby. Unfortunately when we arrived it hadn't opened yet. That's when I suggested we drive out to the lake and eat at The Oasis. On the way there I remembered Andrea mentioning Soleil but I couldn't remember the name of the place and so I sent her a text message. She promptly replied and we were able to find the place quite easily. (Thanks Andrea!)

Exterior to Soleil, adjacent to The Oasis, below Uncle Billy's

The restaurant is to the right of The Oasis, downstairs from the new bar Uncle Billy's.

Inside Soleil

The inside is classy and has a very comfortable feel.

Cozy outside seating

Outside there's a section with some sofas for lounging with drinks.

Outside on the patio at Soleil

We sat at a table like this one which overlooks the lake.

Roasted Pepper Hummus with Kalamata Olives & Stone Oven Flatbread

We started with the Roasted Pepper Hummus with Kalamata Olives & Stone Oven Flatbread. Dan absolutely loved the flatbread. We saved some for lunch the next day.

Truffled Parmesan Fries

The waitress described the Truffled Parmesan Fries as "heavenly" and she was right!

Fettuccine with Gulf Crab Shrimp & Lobster, Lbster Cream & Ricotta Salata

For lunch we split the Fettuccine with Gulf Crab Shrimp & Lobster, Lobster Cream & Ricotta Salata. We took a small bit of this home as well.

Turtle Cheesecake from Soleil

For dessert we split the Turtle Cheesecake. This was the absolutely best Turtle Cheesecake I have had in my life (and I've had quite a few). There's a layer of fudginess at the bottom and the caramel on top was fabulous. Every time I visit, I'm saving room for some or I'm taking a slice home!

We were stuffed and had leftovers. Next time we'll probably stick to just an appetizer or two and dessert as not to overdo it. No regrets this time; it was worth the calories!