The Awesomest Eggs!

May 23, 2010

A ripe pepper in my garden

This morning I noticed that the first pepper of the season was ready to be picked. It's an organic jalapeño pepper that was about 3 inches long.

The Awesomest Eggs! - Ingredients

Five eggs, a tomato, chives (also from my garden), salt, pepper, and cheddar cheese (not shown) are the ingredients for this morning's breakfast. No, I didn't eat all those eggs! It was breakfast for me, Dan (my fiancé) and Gaetano (my son).

The Awesomest Eggs!

I asked Gaetano and Dan what to call these eggs and without missing a beat my son declared, "The Awesomest Eggs!" I wish you could have heard ow he said awesomest. Dan and I had a good chuckle over it.

I decided that The Awesomest Eggs! should always have an exclamation point – kinda like Yahoo!, since the way my son said it had so much enthusiasm. I love my little guy.

Get the Recipe

The Awesomest Eggs! Recipe: Sorry folks, I haven't added my recipe to the site yet, but I will. Please check back in a day or two.


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