The EatingWell Taco

April 10, 2010

The EatingWell Taco - Meat

Tonight we had "The EatingWell Taco" -- yes, that's really what it is called. Here's a picture of the meat.

The EatingWell Taco - Shell

Here's the "The EatingWell Taco Shell" that go with The EatingWell Taco recipe. They were fun to make; since I've never done taco shells like this before.

The EatingWell Taco

Two tacos is one serving of "The EatingWell Taco". However, there was just no way I could fill it with the portion sizes of the ingredients it said I could. There just wasn't enough room! I put in what I could fit and then...

The EatingWell Taco - Salad

I turned it into what I'm calling "The EatingWell Taco Salad". So basically it's what didn't fit in the 2 tacos, minus the tortillas. Pretty tasty!

Get the Recipes

The EatingWell Taco (3 part) Recipe:

NOTE: The recipe is in 3 parts. The taco shell, the meat, and the toppings, so be sure to look at the links below the ingredient list.


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