The Martins' Going Away Party at Jardín Corona

June 2, 2010

Tonight we attended the Martins' Going Away Party at Jardín Corona. We laughed, we cried, I ate something fried... Okay, so I didn't eat anything fried. (There were definitely tears and even some laughter.)

Alambre Special

Choosing something healthy from their menu wasn't easy, as is the case with most Mexican restaurants. Shrimp is usually a good choice because it takes a lot to add more calories to shrimp.

This evening I had the Alambre Special which is 6 jumbo shrimp skewered with tomato, onion and bell pepper. It is served with rice, charro beans, guacamole, sour cream and salsa.

I ate all the shrimp and most of the skewered veggies. I was stuffed, but gave the rice and guacamole a taste. (I did not eat the beans at all.) It was a filling meal, especially since I did not resist the chips and salsa they provided.

Since I've been eating healthier, any time I stray I feel it. My body is letting me know what it doesn't like more and more. It's probably best that I avoid Mexican restaurants. Even though the shrimp was tasty, I'm feeling it already. Ugh...

It was worth it this time though because it was for an occasion I couldn't miss. Speaking of missing... I'm going to miss the Martins, and I'm sure they'll miss their favorite Jardín Corona.


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