Turkey & Tomato Panini, Pineapple Coffee Cake, and Ham & Cheese Casserole

May 9, 2010

Turkey & Tomato Panini, Pineapple Coffee Cake, Ham & Cheese Casserole

Of course we had Turkey & Tomato Panini; we've made that a brunch staple in our house. To the right of the panini is the Pineapple Coffee Cake. Bottom left is a piece of ham steak, left over from making the Ham & Cheese Casserole (bottom right).

I've taken many close-up pictures of Turkey & Tomato Panini that I didn't take one this time. I was anxious to eat, what can I say... I did take closeups of the other parts of the meal.

Ham & Cheese Casserole

Another pleasant surprise was how good the Ham & Cheese Breakfast Casserole tasted. I only had 4 cups of spinach but that was probably a good thing; 5 would have been too much. My picture doesn't look like theirs because they didn't use whole wheat bread. I'm noticing this as a trend with their photos versus mine. Oh well, doesn't change the fact that it tasted great! Even those who didn't like spinach, they enjoyed it.

The Pineapple Coffee Cake surprised me so much. First the batter seemed a bit thick to be a good cake. Second, it rose quite a bit. Third, it tasted really delicious. There's no way the recipe's photo is real though. Whole Wheat Pastry flour is dark, not yellow like shown in their picture.

Get the Recipes

Ham & Cheese Breakfast Casserole Recipe: http://budurl.com/EWDay90

Pineapple Coffee Cake Recipe: http://budurl.com/EWDay90cc

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April 2, 2010
More Turkey & Tomato Panini

We really love the Turkey & Tomato Panini. We've had them several times the last few days. So I figured they deserve more pictures.

Dan cut the loaf into Dan, Mom & Gaetano size slices.

March 21, 2010
Turkey & Tomato Panini

Since the photos I took on 3/21 turned out solid black, I only made one panini at lunch. With all the left over tomato, I made a flower. Aww... isn't it adorable?


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