WholeFoods for dinner tonight

June 5, 2010

Tonight Dan and I had dinner at WholeFoods. Having several restaurants within the WholeFoods market on Lamar is one of the reasons we love it in Austin.

We went down to WholeFoods to figure out our wedding cake. Ali at the bakery gave us the info we needed and was so very helpful. We were debating tiramisu cake and I said, "I've always wanted to try the tiramisu." with some hesitation about whether or not I'd like it in my voice.

Ali pulled a slice from the cooler and provided us with 2 taster spoons. It was incredible! I really enjoyed it. I know it isn't the EatingWell tiramisu I made, but it is at least made from great ingredients.

I'll be going back during the week to meet with "the cake ladies" at WholeFoods to get the cake order settled.

So after we were done with that we wandered around a little and found ourselves hungry. Dan suggested we get some seafood from one of the restaurants in the market.

We split the Maryland Blue Crab cakes and salad. We thoroughly enjoyed every bite.

We then split the Trout Almandine. I had no idea trout could taste so good. The mashed potatoes are a garlic-lovers dream. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this meal.

We'll certainly be back at WholeFoods again for more great tasting dinners and cake. Let's not forget about the cake... yum!


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