How are the Calories in Recipes by ~Angela Calculated?

To calculate calories, I use one or more of the following methods:

MacGourmet's nutrition database
The cookbook/meal-planning software I use is called MacGourmet Deluxe and it can calculate a recipe's nutrition facts, including calories. If an ingredient is not in the database, I must provide a value. I usually get the value from product labels and sometimes from Google. 
Product labels
If the ingredient has a Nutrition Facts label and MacGourmet's nutrition database doesn't have an average value for that item, I use the calories listed on the label. I assign it to the ingredient to this value for future use in MacGourmet.
Sometimes I have to research to find an ingredient's calories. I use Google to find multiple sources and take an average of my findings.
In some cases I have to do some math. I try to avoid using math, since it is a four letter word. When I do, I usually use a calculator to help ensure accuracy.

How accurate is the Calories value?

I make no guarantees as to the accuracy of calories listed on this website. It's an estimation based on the factors listed above. If any of that data is inaccurate then of course that would make a difference.

The ingredients you choose also play a part in the calculation of calories. For example, if I use a bread that has 80 calories for 2 slices, and you choose to use a bread that has 200 calories for 2 slices, then there's going to be a discrepancy.


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