Super Easy Pumpkin Soup

December 28, 2010

This pumpkin soup recipe is truly super easy. Within a few minutes you'll have a kitchen filled with the aroma of what smells like hours of labor when in reality it only took as much effort as opening a few cans. It's truly a no-fuss and no-mess recipe — perfect for those times you just aren't able to spend the time prepping a bunch of fresh ingredients.

Super Easy Pumpkin Soup is also pretty quick to make. The only thing that might take some time is if you have to cook the rice. I used pre-cooked rice; Uncle Ben's Ready Rice (the kind you microwave for 90 seconds).

You may be thinking that this soup will be salty given 2 to 3 teaspons of Lawry's salt. I assure you, it isn't salty at all because I used low-sodium chicken broth and tomatoes with no salt added. The Lawry's salt makes up for what those lack and give it a bit more flavor than plain table salt.