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1. Turkey Pannini on Assiago Bread

When we need dinner in a hurry, we often make Paninis.

Tags: sandwich, panini, meat, turkey, cheese
2. Nagoya Steak and Sushi

Nagoya Steak and Sushi is a fairly new restaurant in North Austin that I've passed many times. Lately we've been on a mission to try new restaurants, avoiding old favorites as much as we can. With a name like theirs, you know I didn't go for the steak.

Tags: restaurants, sushi, seafood, meat
By ~Angela
3. 4th of July was Eating with Andrea - Literally!

Andrea of invited us over for dinner for the 4th of July. She made hamburgers (stuffed with cheddar cheese and bacon), hot dogs, and shish kebab which was served with a roasted corn dish.

Tags: meat, beef, vegetables
By ~Angela
4. Herb-Coated Top Sirloin with Brocolli and Rice

The meat we bought was used to make EatingWell's Herb-Coated Fillet Mignon, only we used center-cut sirloin instead. We actually prefer the sirloin to the fillet mignon for this recipe. It turned out really tender and if I didn't know any better, I'd think it was fillet mignon anyhow.

Tags: EatingWell, recipes, meat, beef, herbs, rice, vegetables
By ~Angela
5. WholeFoods - Top "Siloin" Center Steak

Ever since we watched Food Inc., we've been buying our meat at WholeFoods. One particular cut we buy a lot is the Top Sirloin Center Steak for only $4.99 a piece.

Tags: WholeFoods, meat, beef
By ~Angela
6. It's a Coconut Lime kind of Father's Day

For Father's Day we had a full table, with Dan's parents, my parents, Dan's brother and his girlfriend, my ex-husband and his fiancé with their daughter, and our friend Jason and of course me, Dan and Gaetano. We all squeezed around the dining room table for some grilled chicken and beef skewers that were marinated in my Coconut Lime Marinade.

Tags: recipes, meat, chicken, beef, rice, citrus
By ~Angela
7. Chicken & Four Cheese Ravioli with Asparagus Red Sauce

Instead of my usual simple red sauce, I changed it up a bit with some lemon olive oil and asparagus. The result is a dish I'm calling, Chicken & Four Cheese Ravioli with Asparagus Red Sauce.

Tags: recipes, pasta, cheese, meat, chicken, vegetables
By ~Angela
8. Kalamata Chicken Ciabatta

In the mood for a good sandwich, I knew just what to create – the Kalamata Chicken Ciabatta. If you know me, you know that I love to "make stuff up" as my son puts it. It's pretty much always that way in my kitchen.

Tags: recipes, meat, chicken, sandwich, yogurt
By ~Angela
9. Coconut Lime Chicken Nuggets

First I marinated the chicken using my Coconut Lime Marinade recipe. Next I coated it with coconut milk and then dredged the chicken in whole-wheat breadcrumbs. The outcome was a winner with my boys.

Tags: recipes, meat, chicken, citrus
By ~Angela
10. Ham & Turkey Panini

If you've read the last few months of posts on this blog, you'll know that I'm a big fan of EatingWell's Turkey & Tomato Panini. We've made it many times and it is one recipe that Dan usually makes when he does the cooking. Tonight we decided to try a panini of our own making.

Tags: recipes, meat, turkey, ham, panini
By ~Angela

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